Our Facilities

IN RCPS, our facilities are designed with the comfort of our students in mind.

Our Hostel

Our hostel facilities are structured for the comfort of our students. The hostel enjoys 24/7 power supply with our two (2) standby sound prove power generators apart from our personal national grid transformer.

Our rooms are spacious and well furnished with 2 modern bunk beds for a maximum of four students per room. Each student is entitled to a full wardrobe cabinets and the room is fully air conditioned.

Our bathrooms are spacious furnished with a modern water heater and a decent water closet.

The hostel has four houses:

  • Rubies House
  • Emaralds House
  • Saphires House
  • Topaz Hos

As a 21st Century International School, RoyalCourt is positioned in automated content delivery through the exquisite gadgets in our ICT suite

We promote the teaching and learning of sciences with our well-equipped and functional science laboratories covering Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

RoyalCourt prides itself as a skill building institution where our students experience practical work in home management.

With our array of books covering the sciences, humanities, social sciences and language, our library is well stocked with current titles bringing our students nearer to research and development at the teenage level.

We are committed to churning out an all-round child who conveniently mixes education with sports using the basketball, volleyball and football facilities in our modern sports complex.

With resident nurses, our healing bay is always at alert 24/7 being a boarding school.

Our school is a better “home away from home” judging by the comfort enjoyed by our students using our five star facilities.

With a 1000 capacity hall, the ambience of our multi-purpose auditorium awakens the zeal in our indoor programmes from time to time.

Healthy feeding is our watchword at our pastoral care. Our dining hall is bright and enticing in a way to arouse the appetite of our students to eat healthily.

Sports and exercises are veritable tools for active living and longer life. Our gymnasium is awash with current facilities that build the body and soul of our students.

Check out our laundry facilities for that clean wash of students’ fabrics. Our laundry is equally automated with electricity powered machines.

At RCPS we take our students for swimming with the supervision of a safety officer. Swimming is fun and it’s an excellent workout that promotes heart and lungs health, improves strength and stamina and even improves balance and posture

We provide a 21st Century, world class leaving, teaching and learning environment, mentoring Godly Virtues.

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We are an independent, co-educational residential Nigerian / British Curriculum Secondary School, committed to developing students into exemplary leaders.

Our aim is to partner with parents to nurture and inspire students who will thrive on challenge, have great potential, and show this in their attitude to serve as leaders in their communities, nation and humanity at large.