Extra-Curricular Activities

As a residential school, we offer extensive and varied range of Co-curricular activities.


We are not oblivious that Sports play a vital role in the development of young kids and indeed adults. Each student is given enough time and support to relish sports. We help them excel through the instrument of sports we build in them and develop their innate talents. Our aim is that all students reach their potential within their chosen sports and excel.

With an Olympic sized football pitch, five-aside football turf, a volleyball, basketball, and badminton courts with excellent indoor activities for more traditional and individual sports such as chess, scrabble, monopoly, and Ping-Pong pool, RCPS offers its students the best sporting infrastructure available. As a boarder, sports is compulsory (except on rare medical cases). The students are allowed any sport of their choice as provided by the school and at a stipulated time. Students take part in scheduled sports three times a week usually on Saturdays.

Our students are exposed to AEROBIC EXERCISES in the GYM every Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays to keep fit under the guidance of a professional. The gym is equipped with world class facilities.

On Saturdays the students take competitive CYCLING (BICYCLE RIDING) in such a way that the cycling tutor assists the Students to excel. Plans have reached advance stage to introduce other sports like gulf, squash, and the likes.


Club activities help us to develop our students’ character and skills that will benefit them in school, career and life. The students select their clubs based on their passion and interest. At the beginning of each Academic Year, they make their choices depending on their interest. Thus, each student is encouraged to participate in one or more of the clubs which include:

  • Jets Club
  • Home Makers Club.
  • Public Speakers / Writers Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • Integrity Club

At the end of every academic session, there is a Club Fair where the students exhibit the skills and talents they acquired or developed in the course of the session.


There is an array of opportunities in music for students to enjoy at RCPS. Students are also encouraged to join the school’s orchestra choir that practice regularly. Concerts, recitals and musicals take place regularly throughout the year thereby showcasing the talents of the students.

Every Saturday evening, our students have the opportunity to relax and engage in extra-curricular activities. Activities such as film show, drama, singspiration, raps, dance, poem, recitation, riddles and jokes are usually featured.

RCPS as a school draws its values from the Bible hence devotion is compulsory.

This spiritual exercise is carried out every Friday between the hours of 6:00am and 10:00am. The aim is to teach the students how to worship and pray in order to inculcate discipline.

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